The website has now become the face of any organization. Any client first visits the website and this forms a lasting impression.

Each aspect of website starting from color combination to navigation to compatibility with browsers and mobile devices lease a mark on the visitor about the company.

Our team of Graphic and web designers first understand the company profile and its activities and based on that prepare several design options. Once the option is selected, our team of developers strictly follows W3C guidelines for website design thus make is browser independent.

ASI also has large experience of overseas markets and we have developed websites for our Russian and British and Japanese clients and we have the distinction of developing more that 70 Government of India websites.

Content Management System

We have separate teams for development teams under various platforms of development activities starting from Classic to Complex dot net platforms to Open Source. We have developed the detailed Content Management System that provides option N Level Content Structure. The administrative interface developed for the same is so user friendly that a simple data entry operator with basic computer knowledge i.e. MS office would be able to manage each and every aspect of the website.

We also support Open Source CMS like Drupal, Joomla and PHP nuke.

Security: All websites are developed using strict security guidelines and most of the 75 government websites developed by us have been cleared by Cert-In empanelled agencies after security audit.

1. Defense Sector
Name Url
Armed Forces Medical College
Careers Air Force
Department of Defense Production
2. Central Goverment Ministries
Youth Affarira and Sports
Road Transport and Highway
Water Resources
North East Development
Overseas Indian Affairs
Ministry of Tribal Affairs
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare