Akiko Sherman Infotech was formed by Indian and Japanese entrepreneurs in Jan 1998 as an independent division of Sherman group of companies with wide ranging business interests in Europe, India, and Far East Asia.

The last 16 years have been an exciting & challenging odyssey. From a founding group of 2 visionaries to a vibrant internet solutions provider, the company has over 55 top-flight professionals in the areas of business process analysis, requirements engineering, system analysis & design, web application developers, software developers, visualisers & graphic designers.

With over 90 clients successfully serviced during the past 16 years we have established Akiko Sherman Infotech as a company that offers value added internet solutions.

Apart from our ever-growing pool of satisfied clients, we have also ventured into designing & developing 3 ambitious portal services for the internet community. "Delhimarket", "Eduonline4u" & "Realestatebazar" .

In the rapidly evolving internet industry with its focus on change, ever increasing complexity, sophistication, and multi disciplinary crossware expertise we have sincerely strived to "make a difference" for each client we have been involved with.

The company is also proceeding ahead with an ambitious plan for undertaking on-shore & off-shore projects (in internet & e-commerce) in UK and Japan.

The Company’s strength lies in its core teams with expertise in various disciplines & skill sets. Another strength is the strong strategic & financial commitment from Sherman Group.

Our Technical team comprises of software engineers, programmers, projects leaders, graphic designers having a sound knowledge of a multiplicity of web technologies such as C#, Java, JSP, Perl, PHP, TCL/Tk, Case Tools, ASP, ASP.NET, UDA, ActiveX, CGI, SQL, Oracle, Middleware, CORBA, COM/DCOM, Linux, Unix, Windows NT, Netware LAN (NOVELL), Win2K, MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySql, Multimedia packages etc.

Our Marketing team belongs to the management background having an in-depth understanding and experience in the IT industry and business. Our marketing philosophy is "Offer value by understanding requirements & proposing solutions which contribute to a businesses bottom line". In this approach lies the secret for a sustained relationship to mutual benefit. It is mandatory for all marketing professionals at Akiko Infotech to possess a professional IT qualification, apart from the requisite marketing skills.