Emerging Technologies


Over the years, we have witnessed and embraced the exponential change technology has brought to our world and daily lives with the breakthrough innovations. It is difficult to imagine our lives without the technology now and even more difficult to fathom how it would manifest and affect us in the coming time. It has changed the way we work, the way we think, the way we communicate, and has turned the limitations of our past to the possibilities of our future.

Taking a bricolage perspective on the technological innovations, there can be many use-cases and applications that can reap significant social and economic benefits by offering competitive advantage to the businesses and organizations in both the public and private space. Our dedicated COE team works passionately to understand such possibilities, and strives hard to make them a reality by conceptualizing and building on emerging technologies enabled solutions.

Key Offerings

AI Artificial Intelligence

Technology continues to amaze us and AI just takes it leaps and bounds ahead. Here the machines simulate the human intelligence and cognitive abilities such as learning and problem solving. We offer solutions in speech and voice recognition, intelligent chatbots, machine learning & deep learning, virtual assistants, and biometrics. Currently piloting solutions in Healthcare, Education and Agritech sectors

ML Machine Learning

ML, one of the most popular sub-field of AI, allows machines to automatically learn and adapt from experience, and improve its algorithm on its own. Machines process data, identify patterns and build predictive models based on observations. Using supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning, we build solutions for prediction and forecast, fraud detection, spam filtering, product recommendations and more


There is much more to Blockchain than just trading bitcoin. It offers greater transparency since there is no central authority (decentralized) and trust since it is highly resistant (tamper-proof) to data modification. We develop cryptoexchanges, smart contracts, crowdfunding platforms, solutions that require secure data sharing such as in medical, financial, voting mechanism, land record title mgnt and personal identity security

IOT Internet of Things

With billions of devices now connected to the Internet and sharing real-time information, the innovation opportunities are endless. In the era of technology convergence, we are developing disruptive business models integrated with other emerging tech to provide you the required competitive edge, and offer solutions for smart cities, smart retail, smart logistics, smart operations, smart farming and smart governance

RPA Robotics Process Automation

Technology can now automate rule-based business operations to mimic human actions. The need for Intelligent RPA (with AI and ML) is growing everyday to streamline operations, reduce human efforts & costs, enabling users to devote more time for high-value work. Get in touch with us for solutions in customer service, accounting, financial service, healthcare, human resources, supply chain management and workflow orchestration

AR & VR Augmented & Virtual Reality

Either you add digital elements to a live view or create an immersive simulated experience of physical reality on your digital device, AR & VR have many applications and are not limited to gaming and entertainment. Some of our promising solutions are in the field of immersive learning & education, industrial and operational simulations, 3D real estate walkthroughs, surgical trainings, virtual tour guide, and data visualization